Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Grandma Is Awesome

Over the weekend, my family, boyfriend, and I Skyped with my grandmother who lives in the Philippines.  She happened to be in Manila and was visiting relatives who use Skype.  While I don't talk to my grandma much these days (save postcards/pics from my travels) because of the distance and slight language barrier, she spent many years living with me and my parents in my youth, so I consider her extremely close.  She's 85 now, but still as sharp, caring, and kind as ever.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to meet my boyfriend again, since the only other time we Skyped with my grandmother was over a year ago on Christmas.

Sadly, the internet connection in the Philippines isn't as fast, so our Skype call dropped a few times.  Also, my boyfriend is very camera shy, so I had to tug him a few times to get him in front of the webcam.  When my grandma and other relatives saw him, they commented that be was very "pogi" (handsome).  After translating to him what they were saying, my grandma addressed him in English and said that he was "handsome".  I've always joked to my boyfriend that my grandma would call him handsome, and I was right!

Later in the conversation, my mom commented that my boyfriend is Chinese.  My grandma's response in English, "It does not matter what the race is, as long as you love each other!"  Like the title of this post says, my grandma is awesome!  My boyfriend and I also got asked when we are getting married a few times, but we just smiled and laughed.

The one somewhat depressing part of our conversation was when my grandma talked about the time she had left.  I suppose at the age of 85, mortality is something that's going to be on one's mind.  As a good daughter should, my mom brushed off my grandma's dreary comments by exclaiming in Tagalog, "Oh whatever, you have plenty of time!"  My grandma is still very healthy, and I hope she remains that way as long as possible.

I'm hoping to visit the Philippines again within the next year or two.  As much as I hate airplanes, it's worth it to see my family and especially my grandma.  In the meantime, I'm thankful for the internet and programs like Skype for bringing my relatives in the Philippines to my living room!

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