Monday, February 10, 2014

Comic-Con 2014 Preregistration: Insanity Year Two

This past Saturday was Comic-Con preregistration for people who attended in 2013.  While a time of high anxiety for Comic-Con fans vying for a badge, I surprisingly was less stressed than last year due to changes to the registration process.  This year, instead of trying to access Comic-Con's EPIC waiting room at 9am, potential attendees had to enter the waiting room before 9am and were then lined up random order.  Furthermore, potential attendees were each given a code that could only be used on one device, meaning I did not have to set up 3 computers, a tablet, and 3 cell phones!  While some hated these new changes, I thought it was a fair way to sell tickets that reduced the likelihood of the EPIC waiting room crashing.  Here's how the registration process went down for me:

I woke up at 7:30am, which is for me is really early for Saturday.  After hooking up my laptop to my wired network as a precautionary measure I logged onto the EPIC waiting room.  No problems so far!

At 9:02am, the yellow bar notification changed.

At 9:03am, the yellow bar changed again to let us know they were lining us up!  

It took about 4 minutes to get the tens of thousands of potential attendees lined up.

At 9:11am, they started allowing people onto the registration page.  Sadly, they didn't tell you what number you were in line this year.

Over the next 13 minutes, the yellow status bar changed to show the following messages.  At least I knew the page hadn't crashed.  In case you're wondering, a friend of mine wanted to know when Asian American Month happens.  It's in May.

At 9:24am, my friend informed me that she got through to the main registration page.  Preview night was sold out, but I she managed to buy me a 4 day pass!  Looks like I'm going to Comic-Con!

At this point, I stuck around the EPIC waiting room to see if I could help other friends get badges.  They actually all made it onto the registration page and got 4 day badges!  I finally got through to the registration page at 10:27am, one minute before Friday and Saturday badges sold out!  Glad I worked in a group to secure my badge earlier!

Badges sold out completely by 11:35am.

For me, this year's preregistration process went a lot more smoothly than last year's Comic-Con badge insanity.  I suppose I got really lucky, and am thankful to have friends willing to buy a badge for me.  This isn't the end of badge insanity for me, as I'm going to try to get badges for my boyfriend and friends during the general sale!  Congratulation to everyone who got a badge last Saturday, and good luck to those participating in the general sale!

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