Monday, January 21, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Prep: Lodging and Transportation

Comic-Con is still roughly six months away, but when it comes to planning it seems like I've gotten a really late start.  Fortunately, despite a few bumps along the road, I've managed to book a place to stay and a means to get to San Diego.  Here's how it all transpired:

-Lodging: Since I'll be attending the convention by myself, I decided to book a room in a hostel.  I used to narrow down my search, but unfortunately most places in the Gaslamp District were already sold out!  However, when I called each place one by one, I ended up finding a bed in the Gaslamp District for a rate cheaper than that on!  So rule of thumb, always call the hostel itself before booking through a 3rd party site.  This will be my first time staying in a hostel, so hopefully 1) it won't be like the horror movie and 2) I won't be the oldest one there!

-Transportation: I knew from the start that if I decided to go to Comic-Con this year, I would be taking Amtrak to San Diego.  It's cheaper than flying, generally less stressful than flying, and the train station is conveniently located near the San Diego Convention Center.  I purchased my train tickets this week, and to save a few extra dollars, I used my AAA discount and my Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card.

As a potential first-time Comic-Con attendee, I had no idea you had to start planning this early.  If I decide to go again next year, I now know to reserve lodging more than 6 months in advance!

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