Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Cosplays: Star Trek TOS Uniform Shopping List

Today, I spent an excess amount of time researching uniforms from season one of Star Trek: The Original Series.  After reading posts on The Starfleet 1701st and Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes I've come up with a rough shopping list:

-Fabric: Craft velour from CR's Crafts (in Kirk Gold, Trek Teal, or Red) or Xscapes Props.  Currently undecided about which color I want, but I'm leaning towards blue since I work in healthcare.  Depending on my mood, I just might get all three colors!
-Ribbed black fabric for the collar (undecided on where I'll get this). 
-Uniform insignia from Xscapes.
-Rank braids from Xscapes.
-Sewing pattern from Xscapes.
-Tracing paper for sewing pattern.
-Boots from eBay Done!
-Zipper from fabric store.
-Pantyhose I have plenty!
-Sewing lessons so I can actually make this outfit!

This is definitely a much longer list than I anticipated!  It won't be cheap, but at least it'll hopefully be cheaper than getting a uniform commissioned by someone else.  Hopefully my friends are right in that learning how to sew is not that difficult!

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