Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FanimeCon Prep 2013: Lodging and Registration

According to Fanime's facebook page, convention pre-registration and hotel registration go live this Thursday at noon Pacific Time!  Unfortunately, I have work that day, so hopefully my boyfriend or a friend will be kind enough to help me out!

I'm not too worried about getting a Fanime badge, and will probably purchase between Thursday and when pre-registration ends.  By registering early, you get a discounted rate and a laminated badge with your name on it.  The catch is that (save for special circumstances) you don't get a refund if you can't make the convention.

However, what might cause some mild stress is hotel room registration.  Last year, hotels sold out in around the same time as Comic-Con badges.  Fortunately, my preferred hotel is a little ways away from the San Jose Convention Center, so there were still a number of spots left when I finally got through to the Fanime housing site.  Despite this, I'd never book my hotel any other way as Fanime offers generously discounted rooms for attendees.

If for some unfortunate reason I happen to miss out on a room, I'll probably check the roommate thread on the forums.  It helps that I'll be volunteering this year, so maybe I'll be able to find housing that way.

Best of luck to everyone vying for a room this Thursday!

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